June 1st, 2011

Fermentation vessel conversion for Arkells Brewery
Industriel Techniques Ltd converted a 120 Brl fermentation vessel into 2no. 60 Brl fermentation vessels for Arkells Brewery.
The vessel was originally copper lined, the lining was removed and replaced with stainless steel including: Sloping floors to ensure the vessels fully self-drain, new radius canopy and CIP cleaning heads, 600mm diameter manways for skimming purposes and new internal cooling panels.

200 Brl Fermentation vessel
Industriel Techniques Ltd re-lined a 200 Brl fermentation vessel for a leading cask ale brewer.
The fermentation vessel (dating back to 1936) was previously re-lined in 1977, Industriel Techniques made a number of improvements including: Sloping floor to outlet to ensure the vessel self-drains, full radius canopy c/w CIP cleaning head, new coolent pipework and panels designed to crash cool contents at 1°C per hour.

100 Litre Research and Development plant for Muntons Plc 'Centre for Excellence' 
Muntons Plc, commissioned a 100 Litre Research and Development plant from Industriel Techniques Ltd consisting of:
Hot liquor tank
Mash tun
Mash conversion vessel
Combined kettle whirlpool
2no. Uni-vessels

30 Brl Brewhouse for Joules Brewery Ltd
30 Brl Brewhouse for Joules Brewery Ltd consisting of:
1000 kg Grist case
Steeles masher
1000 kg Mash tun with auto-discharge gear
Kettle with low pressure thermosyphoning external wort boiler
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